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Britain’s Best Architects for Theatres

The United Kingdom has always taken pride in their theatrical work. Be it performing or building theatres; they have some of the best classical and modern arenas in the world. Art has always been a part of their culture, and the following are some of the best Architects for theatres for Britain:

Britain's Best Architects for Theatres


Denys Lasdun:

Deny is a famous English architect who was known for his works in the Royal National Theater. It was a notable example of brutalist design in the country. He was very much influenced by Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Nicholas Hawksmoor. Deny studied in Architectural Association School of Architecture in London.

Keith Williams:

Keith is an urban designer, and he founded the Keith Williams Architects in London. Some of his principal works include the Novium and the Unicorn Theater. Keith has won many awards for his works, and some of them are the Civic Trust Award in the year 2014 for Luan Gallery, RIBA Award, AIA Award, Richmond Society Award etc.

Frank Matcham:

Frank was a designer and an architect. He designed many theatres in Britain including the Moss Empires, London Coliseum, the Victoria Palace and the London Palladium. He was one of the first designers to use steel cantilevers in his designs, and it is said that he even had patents for his project work. As steel cantilevers were used, he could eliminate the need for pillars supporting the tiers. As pillars were removed the sight lines improved and more people could be seated in the theatre.

John Vanbrugh:

John Vanbrugh was an architect and a dramatist. He is known for designing the Castle Howard and Blenheim Palace. He was also knighted in the year 1714, and he was involved in overthrowing James II and bringing William III to the throne. Some of his other work includes Weston House, Seaton Delaval Hall and Vanbrugh’s House. Some of the plays he wrote were the Relapse and The Provoked Wife. These plays had many controversies in the beginning, but it later became a great hit.

Ian Ritchie:

Ian Ritchie is a designer, architect, artist and an author. He founded the Ian Ritchie Architects in the year 1981. Some of his work includes Terrasson Greenhouse, London Regatta Centre, Royal Shakespeare Company Courtyard Theatre. He has won so many awards for his works, and he was one of the first foreign architects to receive French Academied’Architecture for his innovative work.

Bertie Crewe:

Bertie Crewe was one of the best architects of his time, and he is known for designing many famous theatres in London. Some of his works are Royal Court Theatre, Sadler’s Wells, Theatre Royal, Olympic, Hoxton Hall, London Opera House / StollGolders Green Hippodrome and many others. Many of his theatres were destroyed during the world wars, and some of them were renovated, but others were demolished.


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