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Travelling Tips to Prepare Your Hotel Room for Your Dogs

Our dogs love to go with us especially on vacations. Leaving them at home can break our hearts, making us feel worried on how they’re doing and what they’re eating. So if you’re that person who loves to take their dogs with them while traveling, here are some tips to keep your dog comfortable and happy while staying with you at a hotel room during vacation.

  • Once you check in your hotel room, be sure to bring your luggage, pets food, and your dog’s bedding immediately. The smell of these can make them comfortable knowing there are things in the room that came from home.
  • If your dog’s are now settled inside the room, make sure to talk to them and point out that you’re leaving the room for a while. This will keep them from having separation anxiety because they know you’re coming back.
  • Your dogs will probably see toilet water as a special treat. Always make sure to close the toilet after using it to prevent them from drinking water in there.
  • Put garbage cans on counter tops keeping it out of reach from your dogs. Dogs love to explore trash cans and spread garbage across the room.
  • Lay out your dog’s blanket or pillows in a chair or in the corner of the room for them to sleep in. This will keep them away from the bed. Dogs are den animals, and it’s important to create a space that they can call their own to keep them away from stress.
  • When going out of the room, leave the TV or Radio on to lull your dogs to sleep. The sound from the TV also acts like a noise cancellation device just in case your dog’s get noisy for some reason.
  • Don’t forget to leave water for them to drink just in case you go out of the room for a while. Stress can cause dogs to pant harder and harder which makes them thirsty along the way.
  • If you’ll be gone for a few hours or so, take them to a nice long stroll before leaving the building. This gives them quality time with you and also ensures nap time while you’re away.
  • Fill the room with a lot of treats before leaving. You can also leave chewable toys for them to have fun of to occupy their time while you’re gone.
  • Always put a sign that there’s a dog inside your room. You don’t want an angry room attendant calling you to get back on your room to clean up your dog’s mess. Or even worse, the hotel asking you to vacate the room immediately.

These are just some of the easy pet-travel tips to follow so that your dog will enjoy their time with you while on vacation. Of course this also applies to other pets too and not just for dogs only.

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