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Traveling Tips for Pregnant Women

Traveling during pregnancy should be taken with extra safety and precaution. If you’re a pregnant woman that don’t have any complications or any health conditions, then you’re good to go. Most physicians will recommend traveling by land or avoid long distance travels if you’re pregnant. Some airlines also have restrictions to keep pregnant woman from flying from their 36th week of pregnancy unless they present a medical waiver. If you happen to have medical conditions, then it’s best to visit your doctor and discuss your travel plans first to avoid any future harm.

Pregnant women who travels can experience being exhausted, dehydrated, and uncomfortable at the same time especially when sitting in one position for a long time. This can cause stress to your body which may affect your baby. It’s advisable to get up and move around during your travel while keeping a bottle of water in hand especially if you’re traveling by air. You’ll likely get dehydrated when traveling by air, which may cause contractions if it gets out of hand.

It’s also important to keep your health in good shape before traveling. A simple weekend getaway is ideal for you and your partner instead of going to long distance trips.

If you’re a working mom, it’s best to save your vacation plans until your baby comes out. In this way, you can travel the world along with your little one. Your family abroad will also be very happy to see you with your little one when you decide to travel and visit them.

Another important tip to note when you’re going for a vacation is to make sure you pack smartly. Pack the only important ones to avoid carrying that heavy luggage which may exhaust you. Choose the most comfortable clothes and shoes you have along with the necessary things only. Try not to over schedule yourself while on vacation so you’ll come home feeling fresh instead of coming home feeling tired and exhausted.

Be alerted about the Zika virus. This virus is carried by mosquitoes that can cause a mild and short-lived infection. It can cause serious birth effects especially if your fetus is exposed. If you’re pregnant and has a plan to travel, health experts recommend postponing your travel plans to areas of the world where the Zika virus is present. Places such as the Central and South America, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and several countries in Africa are affected by the Zika virus. If you’re planning to travel into these locations, then a trip to your doctor’s office is ideal to get tips on how to protect yourself and your baby inside.

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