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The Hottest Airport Fashion Trend of 2020

Leather jackets are a fashionista favorite when it comes to traveling stylishly.

Not only do they add edge to a classic outfit, but they’re also practical in many ways.

When we think of a “travel jacket” you may not automatically think moto jacket but in this article, we are going to explain why this piece is versatile and practical, as well as stylish!

Unless you’re hitting the mountains or expecting heavy showers, a leather (or faux leather) jacket is a great option for city destinations.

Whether you’re visiting a major city like Paris or New York, these jackets are the perfect solution for fall or spring travel when you might expect moderate temperatures and only light rain.

They can also act as the perfect layer for cities that experience might to cool summers or in places where temperatures drop at night such as Los Angeles.

Wherever the destination and whatever the season, a moto jacket works for every occasion!

Here is how to Style this Years Hottest Airport Fashion Trend for every Season:


Layers are your friend in the wintertime but traveling with a big, bulky jacket isn’t always an option.

Bulky jackets are hard to pack and hard to carry and store on a plane.

This is again where a moto jacket comes in handy!

For the cooler months, throw a leather moto jacket on over a knit sweater with some jeans and you are set.

Leather is so warm, yet isn’t puffy and huge like a down jacket or other types of jackets.

Add a pair of warm sneakers, a scarf and/or hat, and you are jet set for wintertime!


If you are traveling in the springtime when the weather is mild, you may want to pack some lighter layers and have a coat handy for cooler days/evenings.

Pairing a moto jacket over a pretty silk tank or with white denim puts a little spring in your travel outfit.

It keeps you warm and can be worn with everything else in your luggage, literally!


Airport travel in the summertime can be challenging for a few different reasons.

It is hot outside and cold inside so you need to dress for both being outdoors in the heat, but also indoors on a cold plane and in cold airports.

Throwing a Moto jacket over your summer denim shorts and tee or over a cute summer dress not only keeps you warm, but looks so incredibly chic.

You will be turning heads in the airport!


Throwing a moto jacket over your favorite lightweight lounge-wear is a perfect way to style your jacket for comfortable and chic airport wear.

You can drape the jacket over your shoulders with a light tee underneath in case it gets warm.

We love pairing a gorgeous leather moto jacket with loungewear.

It is the best way to stay comfortable, but look put together.

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