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Seize The Moment at Puerto Rico with These Puerto Rico Travel Tips

Travelling to the “Island of Enchantment” also known as Puerto Rico is exciting. Once there, you’ll be greeted with sandy beaches, palm trees, and tropical breezes. So how do we make the most out of our Puerto Rico vacation? Below, we listed some of the “must see” items in Puerto Rico that you should definitely try. Get your passport ready and let the adventure begin.

  1. Try Ziplining

  • If you’re up for an adventure, you should definitely visit Puerto Rico’s ToroVerde. ToroVerde is an ecological park filled with zip lines that are miles longer than any other zip-line places in the world. You can see the amazing views of Puerto Rico once above and you’ll truly appreciate the Island’s beauty. ToroVerde offers many packages for all levels of adventure seekers.
  1. Beach Please

  • Puerto Rico is filled with lovely beaches, and Playa Puerto Nuevo stands tall among all of them. Also, get your cameras ready to witness the amazing rock formation named “La Pena”. You’ll witness an amazing view once the waves crashes into the rock formation.
  1. The Old San Juan

  • If you love to know about the history of Puerto Rico, then visiting the old fortresses at the Old San Juan is definitely worth it. You’ll see cannons, ruins, and stonewalls that still stands strong over time. As you walk along the historic city, be sure to take in the architecture, views, museums, and sculptures that bathed the city. Before anything else, take time to visit their information center so they can give you maps and pamphlets filled with important info.
  1. The Beauty of the Bioluminescent Bay
  • Puerto Rico has 3 bioluminescent bays that you can visit depending where you’re situated on your vacation. These luminescent bays are filled with tiny micro-organisms that lights up when agitated in water. The mixture of green and white light it produces is a wonderful sight to see that can only be seen at night.
  1. Salsa Lessons

  • Your vacation won’t be complete without participating in Puerto Rico’s traditional dances. Puerto Ricans love to dance, and most of their bars and nightclubs offer Salsa dance lessons depending on the time and day of the week. Salsa is a fast and sexy dance that’s easy to learn and you should definitely try it out.


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