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Save Money While Traveling with These 12 Easy Tips

Traveling is one of our ways to unwind, relax, and escape from our responsibilities. Traveling is fun and enjoyable, not until you run out of cash. Whether you’re a backpacker or a family holiday hero, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your vacation without emptying your bank account. So sit back and relax and follow these 12 easy money-saving tips while planning your vacation.

  1. Early bird gets the worm

  • If you’re planning to travel next year, then it’s better to search early as soon as possible. Searching for flights early can ensure you to get the lowest price as possible, thus saving you cash before the price goes insanely high.
  1. Travel during low season

  • Avoid booking flights on school holidays as some flights might be expensive during these days. On the bright side, summer holidays on Scotland are earlier compared to the rest of UK. If you’re not tied to school holiday times, try visiting European destinations during May, June, or September where it’s quite and balmy.


  1. Choose the best time

  • We already know that prices are cheaper when you look early, but did you know that you can also get cheap flight deals depending on the time and day? Of course weekend flights are expensive so try booking on weekdays. You can also get cheaper flights between 5am and 7am or late in the evening during 8pm onwards.
  1. Find the best airport

  • Different airports offer different prices. So if you want to save even more cash, you can try flying to a more obscure airport instead. Take note that you have to be mindful too and see how much will it cost. Do you need to take the bus or grab a taxi to reach that specific airport? Also see how long will it take to get there. It’s also ideal to fly from an airport that’s further away from you.
  1. Mix and match to get the perfect match

  • You can save a lot of cash if you choose to book two one-way tickets instead of a round trip. Choosing a different route for every half of your journey is a good alternative too. Try mixing and play around to find the cheapest combination.
  1. Find the best day to book

  • Based on a survey done by Opodo, they confirmed that the best days to book a flight was on a Saturday or Sunday especially during the month of September or October. You can also get the best deals when booking between 7 weeks and 3 weeks before your departure. These may also come with restrictions though, so it’s better to avoid changing your mind once you’ve already booked in this kind of flight
  1. Tips before you fly

  • Now that you’re all ready and set, it’s important to take note of these important tips first so that you won’t regret anything.
  • Weigh your luggage – Packing wisely is the key for a happy traveler. Pack smart, wear your heaviest clothes and weigh all your bags as you pack. You’ll probably wear only 2/3 of your clothes so it’s better to pack the important ones only.
  • Be mindful of your money – Instead of buying snacks from the airport, you can bring your own snacks to save some cash. Order your foreign currency in advance and look around for the best deals instead of going straight to your bank. Withdraw cash in large amounts so you’ll only be charged at once. Use debit cards instead of credit cards as they are cheaper.
  • Choose the best accommodation – Hotels can cost a fortune, so try opting for a home swap or rent a room instead. AirBnB has a lot of room rentals that are available at such affordable prices. But if you want to get fancy, there are some hotels out there that offer cheap prices especially in chic cities such as New York, Prague, and Barcelona.
  • Make use of apps – You can find a lot of travel apps that are available on android and iOS. These apps act as a guide during your travel to help you find such the best food shops or tourist spots to visit.
  • Be wise on choosing foods to eat – Your wallet will probably beg for its life if you eat at restaurants too much. Save cash by eating street food or at little local eateries. When you stroll around a city, make sure to visit the back streets and see where the locals eat. Wander around to find the best local food markets where you can shop for fresh produce too.

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