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Pack Like a Pro with These 5 Easy Tips

Everything is booked and ready to go, but the most important thing to do before hitting the road is to pack your things. It can be a challenge to pack everything especially for a heavy luggage. But luckily, by following these 5 easy tips, you can take your worries away and you’ll be able to pack faster and smarter before the plane leaves you behind.

  1. Pack as Early as You Could

  • Instead of packing your things in the last minute, packing a week prior to your flight is the best thing to do. This leaves you more time to rethink choices before you put anything in your luggage.
  1. Try Them On First

  • It’s been awhile since your last vacation, and probably those clothes you’ve worn before might not fit anymore. A lot has happened since then and you probably gained some weight along the way. Don’t travel with clothes that won’t fit on your body size now. Before putting them on your luggage, try which one of them that still fits and which one doesn’t.
  1. Your Itinerary is Your Friend

  • The key of smart packing is knowing what to pack. Before filling that suitcase on, have a look at your itinerary and see if they have a suggested packing list. Start with the important ones and not the “this should do” things. And also, always remember to select clothes that are comfortable to wear.
  1. Create a List

  • Making lists can save you time especially if you’re going on a vacation. Make a list of the activities you’ll be doing, the essentials that you’re going to use, and also clothes that you’re going to wear. In this way, you’ll be able to bring the important ones while leaving the ones that aren’t.
  1. Don’t Pack Too Much Shoes

  • Shoes can occupy a lot of space in your luggage. And if you think that you need 3 pair of shoes, then think again. Even the most remote destinations will have access to the essentials you may have left at home. You never know, maybe you can find affordable slippers or sandals that you can wear.


Packing light puts away that extra luggage weight and ensures you a stress-free travel. Once you’ve mastered the art of packing, you’ll probably get faster and smarter in packing your things. Keeping the most important ones and leaving the unnecessary ones is the key for a happy traveler.

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