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Get Ready for Japan with These Travel Packing Tips

When packing and getting ready to travel for Japan, make sure to bring only the important stuff and always leave some space on your luggage. Why? Because you’ll surely bring a lot of souvenirs from Japan with you, that’s why leaving space is very important. Enough chit chat and let’s take a look at these travel packing tips you should take note off.

  1. Passport & Documents

  • You can’t go abroad without a passport so make this one as the top priority in your packing list. For some countries, you may also need a visa for entering Japan. And for safety and back-up purposes, take a picture or create a photocopy of your passport and other important documents just in case they gone missing.
  1. Money & Credit Card

  • Before anything else, make sure to exchange money into Japan currency while still at home. You can also exchange them when you arrive in Japan just in case you forgot to exchange them in your country. If you don’t want to bring too much cash in your wallet, only withdraw the ones you need and keep the other ones in your bank account.
  1. Clothes & Shoes

  • Don’t bring too much clothes with you especially if you plan to buy new ones from Japan. During your vacation, there’s no time to do laundry, so it’s better to roam around and find the nearest coin laundry that you can visit. Also, only bring shoes that fits best for you. When you arrive at Japan, you’ll find yourself walking all day to appreciate the surroundings around you, so it’s important to bring the best shoes that you use every day.
  1. Toiletries & Personal Hygiene Items

  • Only bring the most important things when packing. If you’re a girl, you don’t have to bring your whole make-up kit, just a few of them will do. The same goes for accessories like sunglasses, hair clips, and pierces. Because when you get there, you’ll probably find a lot of these and I’m very certain that you’ll buy it. Most hotels offer free soap, shampoo, and other toiletries depending on your accommodation. The same goes for towels and toothbrushes.
  1. Don’t Forget your Medications

  • If you’re a person that needs to take its every day meds, don’t forget to pack them up first. Although you can get some affordable medicine on Japan, it’ll be hard to buy one especially if you don’t know how to speak Japanese. So be prepared, but only bring the ones you drink, not the whole set.
  1. Electronics and Gadgets

  • Other than smartphones, don’t forget your other electronic gadgets such as your digital camera, laptop, or pocket WiFi. When you travel to Japan you’ll find that their electrical sockets are different than the ones you have at home. So it’s important to bring an adapter with you too. If you happen to forgot to bring your USB cable, you can get one for 100 yen in some of Japan’s affordable stores.
  1. Souvenirs & Presents

  • Japanese people will surely love to get products from other countries. If you’re that person that likes to give stuff to people, don’t forget to bring presents or souvenirs from your home country with you. You can give it to your friends who lived in Japan or to the crew in the hotel you’re staying in.

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