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8 Tips to Sleep Faster On the Plane While Traveling

Overnight flights can be boring especially if your flight takes hours before you reach your destination. Of course there are plenty of ways to stay entertained during the flight, but sleeping is the best way to spend the rest of the night. In this article, we’re going to share 8 tips to put yourself to sleep faster without grabbing that emergency sleeping pills inside your bag.

  1. Eye mask is your best friend

  • Eye masks are essential to get that good night sleep faster. Using these masks can block out light coming from your seatmate’s smartphone or the plane’s reading lights. If you’re a girl and the eye masks can cause tangles on the back of your head, try placing the straps in the middle of the back of your head while pulling the top portion of your hair out above them. In this way, the straps will be covered by your hair without it getting tangled.
  1. Ear plugs

  • Some people can be loud on planes whether you like it or not and there’s nothing you can do about it. Keep noises away by putting high quality ear plugs. Buy ones that can block at least 32 decibels of sound and can also help regulate air pressure changes.
  1. Bring socks

  • Pack a pair of socks to wear during your flight to protect your feet from the cold. Cold feet can prevent you from sleeping which is why wearing heavy socks especially that’s made from wool or cashmere is important.
  1. Blankets and neck pillows can help too

  • There’s nothing better than bringing extra blankets or neck pillows to help you fall asleep faster. Unless if you’re on a first class plane, where you can get free blankets and pillows.
  1. Listen to spa or yoga music

  • Spa and yoga music is relaxing to listen at. Download some before flying and listen to them during your flight until you fall asleep.
  1. Do quick stretches

  • Do quick stretches such as stretching your arms above your head combined with slow and soft neck rolls and feet flexing. Doing so will help you fall asleep faster. Try massaging your hands too to relieve tension.
  1. Avoid alcohol

  • Drinking alcohol before or during your flight can keep you up all night paired with frequent trips to the restroom. So it’s better to avoid them to get that delicious good night sleep.
  1. Keep your meals small

  • If you want to sleep during your flight, eat a healthy meal at home before getting on the plane. Eating large meals late at night can get your digestive system to work over time. Which may lead to less quality sleep time. You can opt for small snacks if you’re feeling hungry instead of eating a full meal.


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